Zoneline® 265 Volt Heat Pump Unit with Corrosion Protection 11,700 BTU

Product Description

Zoneline Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners from GE Appliances have been the industry’s most trusted PTAC for decades, providing property owners with unparalleled energy efficiency and usability. Remaining true to their long-standing commitment to reliability, quietness, efficiency and appearance, GE Appliances has reintroduced the Zoneline series with brand new structural components and a fresh look worthy of any new or retro-fit application.

Boasting a redesigned structure that is even more accessible to installers and technicians, the Zoneline’s construction has been duly simplified and streamlined to allow for easier and faster servicing. A rustproof base pan comes standard on all models, along with a service diagnostics port so technicians can quickly diagnose unit issues. The convenient Quick Connect detail integrates the thermostat, central desk control and external fan in seconds, further simplifying installation and maintenance. This model is equipped with Premium Guard Corrosion Protection, suited perfectly for coastal regions to prevent unit deterioration.

Reliable    Service Call Rate    Auto Power

QUIET.Sound Engineers 2
A quiet PTAC is essential to guest comfort in any hotel. Whether it be noise generated by the unit itself or outside noise brought into the room as a result of its standard through-the-wall installation, these unwanted sounds can easily prevent a guest from sleeping comfortably. Rest assured, any necessary compensations, poor reviews and lost business associated with these noise complaints can be entirely avoided with GE’s latest Zoneline technology. This series of GE Zoneline units have been deemed the quietest PTAC on the market when compared to leading competitors, an achievement made possible by their superior Sound Transmission and Outdoor/Indoor Transmission class ratings.

Beginning with a baked-on sound barrier, the Zoneline surpasses other leading units in noise reduction by insulating sound with a heavy duty mastic material instead of traditional plastic. The barrier is complimented by a Weather Barrier System Seal which lines the perimeter of the unit to keep noise and dirt outside, performing optimally near high traffic areas.

It’s structural components are also designed to combat noise, including dual DC fan motors and a large cross-flow blower. Having two separate motors for each fan reduces noise by dialing in the exact airflow needed for each heating and cooling function, instead of having one fan run faster and more often to manage the same output. The larger cross-flow blower operates similarly, requiring less speed (and therefore less noise) to generate the same output as its smaller counterpart. Finally, a Smart Fan cooling/heating setting allows the fan to run in either continuous mode during hot weather or cycle mode during the winter months, saving energy and improving guest comfort.

GE Appliances knows that decreasing the energy usage of your properties can save you a lot of money so it’s no surprise that the Zoneline leads among the competition in efficiency. On average, Zoneline is 8% more efficient than the leading competitor for 7,000 BTUh and 9,000 BTUh electric resistance heat models, for more savings per room, per year.* Replacing an old unit with a Zoneline PTAC will cut utility bills without compromising the comfort of your guests.

Optimal efficiency is attained by means of the many features integrated within the unit to specifically avoid excessive temperature swings.. For example, this unit comes equipped with heat and freeze sentinels, specially designed to protect your property by preventing overheating or freezing of the unit. These sentinels are further complimented by a Reverse Cycle Defrost which allows the unit to run in heat pump mode longer, saving you energy and money. In fact, its extensive Heat Source Logic ensures the unit is running from the most efficient heat source at all times to cost-effectively meet guest needs. And thanks to electronic temperature limiting built into the unit, you can easily preset temperature limits to save energy to balance guest comfort with an efficient operation.



NEW APPEARANCE.electronic touch controls

The Zoneline has been given an updated look, with a sleek appearance that features a shallower depth for more usable room space. This model comes equipped with a back-lit, cover-less control panel, boasting large white LED lights with a dimming display. Its color has been refreshed and blends seamlessly with modern hotel/motel decors.

Quick Specs

  • Cooling capacity: 11,700 BTUH
  • Energy efficiency: 11.6 EER; on average 8% more efficient than the leading competitor
  • Dehumidification: 3.5 pints/hour
  • Reverse heat cycle: 10,700 BTUH
  • Heat pump efficiency: 3.6 COP
  • Indoor fan CFM: 370/284 high/low
  • Fresh air vent CFM: 75/45
  • 42 in x 16 in x 20 7/8 in

*GE Zoneline AZ45 and AZ65 Series models for 7,000 BTUh and 9,000 BTUh electric resistance models, vs. leading competitor for comparable models with average EER values of listed models, per AHRI listing October 2015.


Weight 110 lbs
CFM Indoor Fan High


CFM Indoor Fan Low


Vent CFM (high fan at zero ESP)


Heating - Reverse Cycle - BTUH


Cooling EER (BTUH / Watt)


Dehumidification (pts./hr.)


Cooling BTUH (MIN)


App Filter - Programmable


App Filter - Heat

Heat Pump

App Filter - Dry Air 25


App Filter - Corrosion


App Filter - Voltage


App Filter - Product Type

Zoneline PTAC

App Filter - ICR


Cooling - Watts


Heating - Reverse Cycle - COP


Voltage (MAX)


Cooling - Amperes; L.R.


Cooling - Amperes; F.L. - Cooling


Power Factor


Heating - Reverse Cycle - Heater Watts (max. connected load)


Parts Warranty

Limited 1-year entire appliance. Limited 5-year sealed refrigerating system

Labor Warranty

Limited 1-year entire appliance. Limited 5-year sealed refrigerating system

Warranty Notes

See written warranty for full details

Overall Height (Excludes Sleeve)

15 1/2″

Overall Width (Excludes Sleeve)


Approximate Shipping Weight

110 lbs

Overall Width


Overall Depth (Excludes Sleeve)

19 13/16″

Net Weight

110 lbs

Louver Style


Chassis Type


Rotary Compressor


Fan Speed Control


Electronic Micro Computer Control


Fan Motor


Zoneline Features

“Smart Fan” Fan Cycle Control. Heat Sentinel. Freeze Sentinel. Automatic Indoor Frost Control. Universal Heaters. Quick Heat Recovery. 3-Stage Heating Design. Heat Pump with Resistance Heat Backup. Heat Pump with Supplemental Resistance Heat. Automatic Emergency Heat. Auto Power Recovery. Reverse Cycle Defrost. Remote Thermostat Compatibility. Central Desk Control Compatibility. Proportional – Integral ID Airflow. Random Twist/Length Segment Tangential Blower. Weather Protected Electrical Components. “Sleep” Mode. LCDI Power Cord

Venting Features

Concealed Manual Vent Control. Vent Air Filter. Outdoor Vent Control – 3 Positions

Temperature Limiting

Electronic 7-Step

Sensible Heat Ratio


Control Type

Standard Microcomputer. Tactile touch pad with LED Display

Fan Speed Selections

Hi/Low Cooling. Hi/Low Heating. Hi/Low Fan Only

Temperature Range

60 – 85 F

Filter Type

Rigid Frame. Slide-Out

Heat - Cool


Vent Control


Discharge Grille


Manual Vent Control


Corrosion Treated