Verdant VX4 (Black)

Product Information

Product Description

Enhance your capabilities beyond just regulating temperature with VX4. Our intelligent energy management thermostat effortlessly connects with an array of services, applications, and smart home gadgets, offering a seamless integration experience.

  • Fingerprint-resistant glass
    • ensures that your thermostat maintains a sleek and spotless appearance
  • Unmatched Compatibility
    • Works seamlessly with virtually every HVAC system, making it the perfect fit for your existing setup
  • Engineered for Sustainability
    • VX4 boasts energy-efficient operation that minimizes your environmental impact and maximizes savings on your energy bills
  • 7-day Programmable
    • Ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency by setting personalized temperature schedules for each day of the week

Remotely manage all your properties from one platform, anytime, anywhere.

  • A web-based platform to maximize your property‚Äôs energy savings by monitoring and optimizing energy management while providing you with measurable energy reduction data and insights for all your properties.


Verdant Plus provides the right toolkit to maximize your energy management system’s performance while reducing on-site staff responsibilities. Consider it an extra set of eyes on your energy savings.

  • Receive custom escalation emails concerning energy disparities impacting the property. This helps you, as a property decision-maker, stay informed & updated on your property operations & savings.