Product Information

Product Description

Honeywell’s Spectre offering is designed to provide a simple, yet effective, energy management solution that extends Honeywell’s energy savings to guestroom lighting thus maximizing guest comfort and the hotelier’s bottom line. The Spectre solution utilizes Honeywell’s industry leading e528 or e7 thermostat for HVAC control and occupancy detection. The occupancy logic is extended to the switches and outlets in the room and, upon entry, the door sensor or door lock will communicate with the thermostat to turn on lights to welcome the guest. This means that the guest doesn’t need to search around in the dark for the light switch. When the room is unoccupied, for a predefined time period, the lights and outlets are turned off to save energy. Lights can also be turned on and off locally by the Spectre switch.


The Spectre solution benefits both you and the guest economically, environmentally and socially whilst meeting California Title 24 energy efficiency standards. It will decrease your energy bills leading to a fast payback period, lowers your energy consumption, increase your appliances lifespan and positively enhance the guest experience. Spectre is a versatile, easy to install, out of the box solution that doesn’t require new wiring and is aimed at both new constructions and retrofits. It can be part of an INNCOM standalone system or a networked energy management system and integrated into your property management system.