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The new cloud based energy management supervisor from INNCOM with push notifications, alarms and enhanced UI.


INNcontrol™ 5 is used for real-time control of energy usage in rooms and to gather and manage information from intelligent INNCOM devices, sensors and third-party products through integrations. INNcontrol™ 5 provides the central integration platform for all your devices in the guestroom so that their data can be recorded and displayed in one easy to use dashboard. The data is automatically processed to generate historical trends, reports, and information for use by engineering, housekeeping, general managers, owners, security, and other hotel staff. INNcontrol 5 also provides the gateway and backbone for Central Electronic Lock Control. It uses a seamless interface between the guestroom lock and the central server, giving the hotel real-time, bi-directional access to the lock.
INNcontrol 5 features a live dashboard with property-level data and HVAC analytics reports, as well as the status of each guestroom’s room automation IoT devices such as the thermostat, occupancy sensor, door sensor, lighting controls, and more. Using this data hoteliers can optimize operational efficiency, enabling predictive maintenance of lights, HVAC, battery powered devices, and other monitored equipment.


• Alerts, Alarms and Push Notifications
• Mobile Web App
• Intuitive Easy-to-Learn Interface
• Big-Data Analytics
• Open IoT Platform
• Secure Cloud Hosting
• Custom Dashboards
• More Features to be Launched soon!