Network IC3

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Product Description

The connection between guestroom automation and operational efficiency.


INNcontrol™ 3 is used for real-time control of energy usage in rooms and to gather and manage information from intelligent INNCOM devices and sensors. The data is automatically processed to generate historical trends, reports, and information for use by housekeeping, engineering, security, and other hotel staff. INNcontrol 3 also provides the gateway and backbone for Central Electronic Lock Control. It uses a seamless interface between the guestroom lock and the central server, giving the hotel real-time, bi-directional access to the lock.


• Monitors HVAC equipment in real-time; reports malfunctioning units
• Monitors humidity levels in each room and reports rooms exceeding acceptable threshold
• Reports rooms that are occupied for extended periods but not rented
• Monitors guestroom network connection and reports non-communicating rooms
• Reports low battery level in room devices and rooms that show constant occupancy
• Reports property-centric events such as domestic hot water and utility company demand events
• Reports lost web access network (WAN) connection and property management interface connections
• Tracks and reports equipment run-time vs. baseline of rooms running without Energy Management control