NAE Series Replacement PTAC units

Quick Specs:

NAE Series provides from 7000 to 17000 btu cooling with electric resistant heat.

Product Information

Product Description

The NAE series is a reengineered Packaged Terminal Air conditioner that provides unparalleled performance and reliability. A direct replacement for 42” x 16” sloped front unit.

  • Available in cooling capacities from 7000 to 17000 btus of cooling
  • Optional electric heat from 1.6 to 3.4 kilowatts
  • Available 115vac, 230/208 vac and 277 vac
  • Heavy duty, high static operation
  • Dual inlet evaporator and condenser blower
  • Digital LED display
  • New premium component design
  • front desk and energy management system ready
  • 2 fan motors
  • Remote thermostat capability
  • durable & contemporary metal front cover, grille, & door
  • quiet operation


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