Evora Light Switch Series

Product Information

Product Description

EVORA™ is a beautifully designed, easy to use lighting, temperature, drape, and amenities control system.


EVORA uses a traditional keypad with up to 5 keys per device to provide an easy to use, powerful control point for Honeywell’s INNCOM Integrated Room Automation System. The EVORA key pad is gently backlit, and Honeywell will work with the Hotelier to define the key functionality and key artwork. The EVORA system uses a range of leading and trailing edge dimmers, non-dimming actuators, and low-voltage interfaces to meet nearly any gang box or load center lighting, temperature, drape, or amenities application.


• Controls lighting, temperature, drapes and amenities
• 1-5 programmable keys
• Gently backlit keypad
• Fits standard Decora covers and plates (sold separately)*
• Available in 2 standard colors
• Voltage: 120VAC–240VAC 50 / 60Hz for gang box dimming / switching applications
• Voltage: 12VDC for load center applications
• Dimming: 120–240VAC, 650W leading edge or 350W trailing edge dimmer per control point
• Relay contact rating: 120–240VAC, 500W per control point
• Wired S5 bus and RF Deep Mesh wireless communication