B578 Edge Router

Quick Specs:

Supports up to 100 rooms as an edge router.

Product Information

Product Description

Supports up to 100 rooms as an edge router.


The B578 acts as a router between the Inncom RF  Room Gateway  device installed in each guestroom and the Inncom Deep Mesh server. Control of which individual RF Room Gateway devices communicate through each B578 is controlled by configuring the same PAN ID and RF Channel into the B578 and RF Gateway devices. The expanded addressing facilitates transport reliability and multicasting. The Edge Router enhances security and offers RF-to-Ethernet protocol conversion, with the availability of a PoE power supply for Power over Ethernet applications.


• Support up to 100 rooms as an edge router
• RF Deep Mesh wireless communication
• Voltage: 12VDC with 100VAC–240VAC 50 / 60Hz power 
• Adapter or PoE (Power over Ethernet)
• Supports 10/100Mbs Ethernet
• FCC, CE Mark, RoHS Approved