Arctic Multi Series

Quick Specs:

The Arctic Series Multi – zone cold weather heat pump


Outdoor Models2U20EH2VHA, 3U24EH2VHA, 4U36EH2VHA
Wall Mount Indoor Models: AW07EH2VHA, AW09EH2VHA, AW12EH2VHA, AW18EH2VHA, AW07LC2VHB,   AW09LC2VHB, AW12LC2VHB, AW18LC2VHB, AW24LP2VHA
Cassette Indoor Models: AB09SC2VHA, AB12SC2VHA, AB18SC2VHA, AL24LP2VHA
Slim Duct Indoor Models: AD07SL2VHB, AD09SL2VHB, AD12SL2VHB, AD18SL2VHB
Floor Console Indoor Models: USYF09UCDWA, USYF12UCDWA, USYF18UCDWA
Mid-Static Ducted Indoor Models: USYM09UCDSA, USYM12UCDSA, USYM18UCDSA, USYM24UCDSA

Product Information

  • 208/230 vac units
  • Cooling operating temperatures – 14 F. to 115 F.
  • Heating operating temperatures – -15 F. to 75 F.
  • Available with
    • 1. High Wall Evaporator System
    • 2. Mid Static Ducted  Evaporator System – Built in Condensate Pump
    • 3. Console Evaporator System
    • 4. Ceiling Mounted Compact Cassette System –Built in condensate pump
  • Hand Held Wireless remote control – Unless specified
  • Base Pan Heater – Prevents Ice build up in condensing unit
  • DC Inverter Driven Rotary Compressor
  • Optional Controller available – See Page #1
Product Description