Do all new PTACs provide the same cost savings?

No, just because you purchase a new PTAC does not mean that it will save you money. Ask us about how a GE heat pump unit pays for itself and saves you money in future. Your ROI is extremely short meaning you will be keeping dollars in your pocket that much quicker. Imagine not paying your utility company large sums of operating expense dollars within such a short period of time. This is based on the efficiency of the GE unit in comparison to ALL other heat-pumps in the market place! PTAC efficiencies are all different. We challenge you to compare the facts that each manufacturer must document.

Do I need remote PTAC control using an on-the-wall thermostat?

No, but to ensure proper measurement of temperature within your living space it is highly recommended that an on the wall thermostat is used with all PTAC units. This will help the overall feel of temperature within your living space.

Do I need to clean my PTAC air filters?

Yes. Filters require a regular cleaning in order to maintain a high level of air quality and extend the life of the unit.

What are the key elements in deciding which PTAC to purchase?

Everyone has their own specific reasons as to why one PTAC is best for you versus another, but we believe that the total cost of ownership for that unit includes elements that must be well thought out before you buy. Some of these issues that you must address include – the cost of repair post purchase, parts availability if you can even source parts easily or at all, serviceability of that unit, ability to tie that unit onto energy management solutions if that is something that you may be interested in doing in future. Above all – energy consumption, noise level and expected life span of that unit is what will provide you with ultimate content with your decision. A poor choice will provide you with years of regret. Just because the unit fits in the hole in the wall is not enough reason to go with the least priced unit.